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Our Smart City Services

iCT One Network

iCity One Network is an iSharp innovation network modernization program for complete network infrastructure solutions. The program gives a broad range of end to end backbone, passive, active solution, security and smart management solutions.


iSharp Cloud Solution elevates the IT business to focus on service and application empowering the customer’s life. iCloud delivers invisible infrastructure for next generation futuristic enterprise, computing a fusion of storage, compute and virtualization.


The Command and Control Center plays an essential role in mission-critical operating theaters, especially in Smart Cities that are tasked with ensuring public safety. iSharp’s iNOC ensures the reliability of systems, technology, tools and people to protect the integrity of smart city management mission.


iSharp’s Residential smart solution suite is the optimum state of the art of technology giving a 360-degree security, safety automation, luxury and entertainment. It creates a different experience for the home users, a different level of home comfort.


Intelligent hospital is one that works better and smarter. It is better because it is resourceful, creative, and perceptive about what patients and doctors need, and it is smarter because it’s astute and inventive when it comes to weaving together diverse technologies to enhance patient care.


iHotels, a 5-star stay is just a touch away. Guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, music, scheduled wake-up scenes, request valet service, and more from one intuitive remote or through iGuest Application.


Today’s consumers are looking for immediate and immersive shopping experiences with an exceptional customer service. iSharp Smart and Green Hospitality solution offers a full spectrum of smart and sustainability solutions that create a state-of-the-art shopping convenience.


iSharp Intelligent Communities (iCommunity) adopt technology, but at the same time do not make it their focus. Instead, they find vision-driven, community-based, technology smart solutions for their most ultimate users, residential and employee’s benefits.


Augmented and Virtual Reality is the heart-horse of smart services solutions. The integration of iAVR, iCT, iCE and iVAS gives a legendary unique user experience and market differentiator among all legacy smart solution deployment.

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Our ICT Services

Data Center

Our state-of-the-art data centers provide a reliable and high-performing environment that assures process and business continuity for our customers.

Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise solutions provide a flexible, strategic and collaborative approach to implement, integrate and support business critical systems etc.

Operation Centers

Our Smart Operations Center are based on ergonomic science and is integrated with data visualization, real time collaborations and analytics.

Security Solutions

Our extensive portfolio includes the world’s most advanced security technologies which ensure we meet all our clients’ specific security risks from a single source.

Value Added Services

With our enhanced services, we enable our customers in transforming their business environment to achieve higher levels of innovation, better productivity and increased revenue.

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Who We Are?

iSharp has worldwide presence and has fully operational offices in UAE, KSA and Egypt. We simplify the technology. We make effective solutions tailored to your needs. We are committed to be your trusted partner and a robust catalyst to your business.


Why Choose Us


Since its inception,iSharp has been an innovation-focused company, serving the needs of organizations. For us, innovation is an intersection of business insight and appropriate technology. 


Sharp key stakeholder have a strong analytical and practical experience in various aspect of technologies. Experienced in Project Management, Design, Project Control, Strategic Planning and Operations -  the team of professionals make sure to provide the best of services and create a unique experience for our customers.


We deliver measurable high-quality, cost-effective solutions that help our clients improve their business performance in a demanding time-frame.

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