About Us

We are living in an age where technology controls our lives. It is transforming our lives every day. It is complicated, yet, without it, business will find difficulties achieving their plans and goals.

iSharp, simplifies the technology. We make effective solutions tailored to your needs. We are committed to be your trusted partner and a robust catalyst to your business.

Founded in 2009, iSharp Communications is an integral part of the iSharp Worldwide group. iSharp has worldwide presence and has fully operational offices in UAE, KSA and Egypt. With over 20 prestigious projects, iSharp is maintaining its leadership in the rapidly changing market.

We have a reputation of high reliability and on-time delivery. Our services portfolio covers management & technology consulting and focuses on ISP, Network Operation Centers, Security Operation Centers, Data Centers, Corporate Enterprise Services, Real Estates, Smart Cities, Managed Services and Innovative Value Added Services.

iSharp lets technology simplify your life.


Our mission is to simplify our customers’ life through the effective use of innovative technologies.


Our vision is to transform the society into a smarter, secure and easier place to live.


By choosing iSharp, you are actually selecting an organized committed team which brings together people with knowledge and expertise. These professionals work within a proven framework to help you define and implement a Solution that best fits your organization.

  1. Large pool of highly skilled professionals in various fields of technology capable of identifying, developing and executing cost-effective
  2. Solutions Experience of multiple large projects in government sector
  3. Access to most of the vendors worldwide practices, resources and knowledge bases to implement major IT solutions
  4. Proven competency in product development and delivering mission-critical, large-scale, geographically dispersed IT projects
  5. Unparalleled sophisticated iSharp Project Management Methodology (SPMM) that enables to meet deadlines on time and budget
  6. Ability to subcontract or work in partnership with implementers of specialist systems, technology vendors, software vendors