Data Center

Finding an end-to-end delivery of business applications under one roof is difficult. Even after set-up, training resources and developing processes is a complicated task. The right IT infrastructure provides a significant competitive advantage for large enterprises.

Our state-of-the-art data centers provide a reliable and high-performing environment that assures process and business continuity for our customers. iSharp leverage the advanced technology and cost-efficient virtualization of Systems to create next-generation data centers delivering customized cloud-based solutions to enterprise and public sector customers around the world.

Our experts possess deep background in both IT and infrastructure, combined with decades of experience managing high-availability environments. They draw on Uptime Institute’s proprietary methodology and the world’s largest repository of data center research to help you attain and sustain operational excellence and efficiency.

With our modular Data Center set-up approach, virtualization, Infrastructure, EMP, Networking, Security, training resources and developing processes, we ensure highly available, agile yet highly secure Data Center infrastructure exceeding industry standards.

That’s why iSharp Data center!