Smart City Services

Many businesses and organizations can benefit from smart technology. It’s transforming the way services are supplied and managed in urban environments. The Internet of Things is remodeling urban landscapes across the world, creating smart cities where technology connects and communicates.

We’ve developed a range of networking solutions to enable customers across the globe to take full advantage of the benefits of smart technology. Our solutions are designed to deliver excellent performance, while being cost effective to deploy, manage and upgrade. They’re fully end-to-end and future-proof, ensuring value for money in total cost of ownership and reassuring business continuity.

At iSharp we’re helping drive that transformation with industry-leading solutions and apps based on reliable, secure smart infrastructure.

We’re highly experienced specialists in Smart solutions including the Narrowband RF mesh technology which connects devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). We are moving to become a world leader in Narrowband mesh networks for services such as smart metering, intelligent street lighting systems, home automation and surveillance system combines with the value-added service, Smart devices applications and ICT solutions.