avr-001Augmented and Virtual Reality is the heart-horse of smart services solutions. The integration of iAVR, iCT, iCE and iVAS gives a legendary unique user experience and market differentiator among all legacy smart solution deployment.

Using iAVR technology to create exciting edutainment experiences, Augmented and Virtual Reality Smart City Solutions applications provide an ideal platform for advanced user experience, enabling Municipality management and enabling specialists to master their field through deliberate practice before engaging with the system.

The functions and structures that are extremely difficult to visualize through traditional means can be realistically represented through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps designed for different iCT or iCE services.

avr-003Soon, iSharp iDC's iAVR will be viewed as “specialized tech” with a different technology.

iAVR form the necessary advanced communication and understanding tool, enabling businesses, organizations and cities to improve decision-making and respond quicker to dynamic changes.

The iAVR Smart City application is infinite. Some of the areas are operation centers, home automations, digital kiosks, interactive displays, smart devices, home video and collaborations, facility management, retail shops, hospitals, hotels, spa, sports training, educational  residential area, street digital signage…etc.