iCloud delivers invisible infrastructure for next generation futuristic enterprise, computing a fusion of storage, compute and virtualization providing a turnkey of hyper-converged secure solutions.

iSharp Cloud Solution elevates the IT business to focus on service and application empowering the customer's life.


iCloud offers an infinite number of solutions, services and applications, to all different type of users.

Smart City iCloud offers:

iVAS, iCT and iCE

The value-added service, information communication technology and the information communication entertainment are the core of the iCloud.

iAVR Portal

iSharp virtual Augmented reality next generation user’s portal provide an immersive 360 degree of immersive content developed to the maximum ease of use simplifying human interaction.


A comprehensive fast form of storage available for residents to use in a very easy and flexible manner.


A light version of a social engagement with the resident, City Management, Municipalities, exchange of new community ideas, notification, and socialization. it will give the resident the ability to exchange multiple form of communication using voice, video, photos and in writing.


iSharp interactive digital center Virtual Augmented reality enriches the full suite of iCloud offering service through the development of different educational materials, maintenance applications, entertainment and cinematography immersive 3D experience taking the resident into an extraordinary level of experience.