The revolution of information technology has evolved into human entertainment systems.

ice-001Information communication and entertainment (iCE) are the fusion between technology and content. The audiovisual system, on-demand video and the legendary 3D immersive virtual reality and augment reality title take you to a whole new entertainment experience.

iShow App contains live broadcasting with full control along with a library containing a wide variety of on-demand movies, Arabic and non-Arabic series. This service is ideal to watch movies on demand anywhere and anytime on computers, cellphones and tablets.

The broadband backbone the ultra-high speed infrastructure deployment of a 1-Gb/s and 10-Gb/s ultra-broadband home area ice-002network (UBB-HAN).

  • The home entertainment system, 3D audio visual surrounding system integrating with the home Automation solution
  • 100% 4K content
  • The new AVR 3D immersive cinematography titles
  • iDome, gives the viewer a seamless full field-of-view 3D experience. The iDome includes motion seats that offer a ā€œ4Dā€ experience that adds motion, scents, wind, and mist adding even more immersion to the iDome experience.

ice-003iDome is designed to blend high resolution Hollywood cinematography with interactive 3D elements to create compelling, inspiring, and fun edutainment experiences for guests, home users, commercial.

3D elements are overlaid onto high resolution Hollywood quality 3D video for a totally immersive interactive experience.

Seats rumbling and moving along with the experience. Wind effects and temperature changes accompany key moments in the show.

iSport creates truly immersive experiences, sports training content, and storytelling in VR. Our in-house creative services work ice-004side-by-side with international sports organization partners to produce compelling content for sports training.

Sports entertainment, iCE Virtual Reality sports education entertainment that moves at game speeds ā€“ Athletes can achieve realistic repetitions whenever they need. It also offers on-demand training structure for all business segment Spa, home users, sports club and more. (iSport App)