ivas001The iVAS takes the maximum benefits of the existing iCT, not making the infrastructure a dump pipe of data into a whole
new experience.

iSharp Value Added Services provide highly efficient and tailored Value Added Services (VAS) that are customized to the needs of the customer.

The iVAS service catalogue offers a wide variety of applications, Location Services, indoor navigation solutions, notification services, multimedia services and more.

Examples of the iVAS services catalogue:

ivas002Beyond a telephony system: handset screen news bar, extension mobility, corporate directory, walkup call, advertisement, community Telephony voting, internet access, install application, Telephony Video conference and video phone with your iCommunity App and home Virtual IPBX.

Beyond wireless solution: push to talk, indoor navigation application, Bluetooth Bacon, IoT sensors, smart meter, Hyper-sensitive location information, device details, identification of returning customers, and sophisticated path analysis are just some of the shopper data that are captured by the Wi-Fi networks. Best of all, retail venues can now effectively collect valuable information from anyone who enters their stores with a Wi-Fi activated mobile device in his pocket.

ivas003Beyond Real State: Augmented and Virtual Reality real estate and construction solutions used in the sales and design process yield faster project approvals, more positive client interactions, and higher client satisfaction. Rather than extrapolating from sketches and blueprints, clients can walk through a future site before construction even begins.

Beyond internet: clean secure virus-free feeds, ultra-high speed feeds, parental control, data leakage prevention, Application control, fair usage internet policy, community free web design and more.

Basically, the service is endless and is fully tailored and customized to what business needs.