Every Intelligent Community has Smart City projects underway. However, many Smart Cities are limiting themselves to the immediate efficiency and cost benefits of iCT.

iSharp Intelligent Communities (iCommunity) adopt technology, but at the same time do not make it their focus. Instead, they find vision-driven, community-based, technology smart solutions for their most ultimate users, residential and employee's benefits.

Some of the innovative iSharp intelligent Community (iCommunity):icom-001

iSurveillance deployed in the entire smart city will do around the clock surveillance through centralized security command centers. With CCTV, analytical software face recognition and plate recognition.

icom-002iLighting is an energy saving and automated to light, dim or close as required. Push button alarms can be added for residents to notify administration of any emergency.

iParking will dynamically change traffic lights based on density of vehicles to ensure smooth mobility. Smart parking spaces will enable residents, tenants and visitors to know where parking is available.

iTraffic is used to get real-time information about traffic, travel time, road-works, video feed and public parking availability at a desired location.

icom-003iKiosks an interactive digital 3D immersive and non-immersive form of city communication installed at various locations on all streets so that residents and visitors can get all sorts of information related to traffic, parking, maps…etc.

iSmartSpot a wireless service that allows you to connect to the Internet at blazing fast speeds using your Wi-Fi capable personal computer, phone or other mobile device.

icom-004Wireless “hotspot” network covering the downtown area, Residents who subscribe to Smart City’s Broadband services outdoor can access this wireless network free of charge anytime by using a Smart City provided iCommunity App.

icom-005iCard will act as the identity of the residents and tenants, and will enable access control to public buildings and facilities. This further enhances security for various facilities used by city staff and citizens.

iVisitors App part of the iCommunity App service, empowers the resident to issue a gate pass for their visitor and enable scanning of a visitor’s ID, storing in database and printing visitor’s badge, designating parking base on visiting areas.

For City Security, this enables tracking the movement of a visitor in a designated area and can trigger alarm on entering non-designated area.