Intelligent hospital is one that works better and smarter. It is better because it is resourceful, creative, and perceptive about what patients and doctors need, and it is smarter because it’s astute and inventive when it comes to weaving together diverse technologies to enhance patient care.

iSharp is intent on promoting education and simulating today’s technologies while, at the same time, demonstrating the integrations that enable the creation of a seamless patient care environment.

The overarching goal is to create a hospital that will bring today’s smart technologies to bear in all areas, including the emergency room, operating rooms (ORs), intensive or acute care areas (ICUs), treatment areas such as radiology and radiation oncology, as well as specialty areas, including central supply, pharmacy, and biomedical engineering.


The fundamental component of the iHospital’s operation is a seamless blend of multi-carrier cellular and wireless services.

This critical component is a key for many of the new technologies and applications and provides the medium for the rapid and broad availability of information throughout the hospital.

Such a high-performance wireless network enables enhanced information exchange and real-time communications for patients, nursing staff, doctors and many other users.

Once it is archived, aggregated and made available on the network infrastructure, the information can be filtered, analyzed, and presented throughout the hospital on iNOC, smart devices, and in reports available within the hospital’s information systems.

ihospital-002All clinicians use a variety of mobile handheld and wearable devices to readily review, communicate, and deliver critical information, including device alarms and clinical or lab data.

These devices are commonly integrated into the hospital iCT, allowing incoming and outgoing communication from the point of care, thereby increasing the availability of staff at bedsides.

ihospital-003iAVR applications, Augmented and Virtual Reality medical applications provide an ideal platform for advanced medical education, enabling students, doctors and specialists to master their field through deliberate practice before engaging with patients. Anatomical functions and structures that are extremely difficult to visualize through traditional means can be realistically represented through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps designed for medical studies.

The iHospital facilities and The Patient iRoom are fully automated enabling the increase of air circulation, controlled temperature, right ambience etc.

iHospital and iRoom are utilizing (or utilize) the iCity One Network, iCloud, iCT (information communication technology), iCE (information communication entertainment) and iVAS (intelligent Value added service )to empower the hospital with full-fledged enterprise communication and application solutions.