iHotels, a 5-star stay is just a touch away. Guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, music, scheduled wake-up scenes, request valet service, and more from one intuitive remote or through iGuest Application.

iSharp Hospitality Solutions are compatible with properties in pre-construction, undergoing a remodel, or those that have been standing for decades.

Basically, a guest never has to leave the bed in order to get things done: iGuest Application full suite of a hotel automation services can lock your door, control the TV; on the move Room connected Hotel IPBPX, check in, check out, bill payment, set a schedule to open and close the curtains...etc.


iGuest augment virtual reality is also available, It’s very soft and very seamless.

Some of the unique and innovative features of integrated solutions in iHotels:

Smart check-in No front desk, straight to your room with smart iHotels application.

ihotel-002iHotels App phone connects the guest's smart phone to the iCloud IPBPX being used as a room phone.

Occupation Upon check-in, the iHotel system triggers an Occupied room state, adjusting the temperature to an ideal level as guests head to their rooms.

Welcome message As guests enter their rooms for the first time, the Welcome scene is activated: lights turn on, music plays, drapes open, and the TV displays a personalized greeting welcoming guests to the room.

Personalized Experience A customized experience provides a unique, luxurious visit. Guests can schedule a Wakeup scene that gradually opens the drapes and turns on the news, or music, rather than waking to the shrill of an alarm clock or phone call.

ihotel-003Energy Efficiency Sensors detect guest occupancy and turn off lights and set thermostats accordingly to reduce energy waste. In addition, a one-touch Green button makes it easy for guests to opt-in to the hotel’s earth-friendly program.

iGuest AVR Applications are developed to provide the guests with features like Indoor Navigation System, walk in room before check-in , in room preset personalization preferred temperature, light, on-demand movie selection, reminders...etc.

iGuest user's preferences can be saved and used in subsequent visits. iGuest dining and in room dining with an immersive 3D high graphics allow guests to virtually cook food in app like selecting fruits for salad, different ingredient and app will place the order.

Conference & Exhibition solutions will provide the participants, exhibitors and/or visitors with an outstanding experience through visitor management, virtual receptionist, AR solutions, VR based interactive digital signage, kiosks…etc.

Business Facilities receives through iCity one Network iCloud infrastructure unlimited 360 degree of all iCT, iCE and iVAS service to the iHotels Business Guest, AVR based application and immersive business users experience…etc.