Today’s consumers are looking for immediate and immersive shopping experiences with an exceptional customer service.

iSharp Smart and Green Hospitality solution offers a full spectrum of smart and sustainability solutions that create a state-of-the-art shopping convenience.


iSharp smart solutions allow a shopping mall to interact directly and individually with its visitors, providing them with personalized information about establishments or activities of interest, based on customers' behavior and their real experiences during their visit to the shopping mall.

Mall security and experience can be enhanced by:

iRetail AVR a comprehensive rich application for full iMall 3D immersive   experience for control and child safety, indoor 3D navigation solutions, parking payment, movie ticketing, Wi-Fi public access credential and premier speed upgrade customers personalized promotions, escalator and elevator call-control as well as permanent bi-directional communication between customers and the Mall retails.

Parking/Garage Automation (Driveway Sensors) high-speed automated parking structures using half the space of conventional parking garages and fully integrated with the iRetail App.

iCCTV, Mall CCTV, Security and Surveillance with a 100% plankage coverage of diverse Camera technique combined with different Video analytics that transform standard CCTV systems into intelligent and effective detection and alert systems. Providing anti-theft and kids kidnapping protection, customer behavior analysis, foot-footage service...etc.


Retail Services a retailer can automate interaction, collect consumer data to understand consumers, attract more visitors by enhancing their experience etc.

imall-003A visitor can use iRetail App and interactive digital kiosks for virtual product trial, products reviews, promotion, walk into retail closet, loyalty programs, latest retails news subscription, fashion updates, restaurants and restaurant menu, reservation, Mobile Wallet service, electronic iMall Credit card, banking payment...etc.

iKiosks App new visitors experience the use of the most innovative video interactive immersive 3D form of communication fully integrated with the iRetail App that offers a complete set of services by means of a fixed visualization machine.