The Command and Control Center plays an essential role in mission-critical operating theaters, especially in Smart Cities that are tasked with ensuring public safety.

In such complex technology environments, the misalignment of technology and processes can literally have life and death consequences. iSharp ensures the reliability of systems, technology, tools and people to protect the integrity of smart city management mission.

The iNOC is an integrated command and control centers that offer total operational visibility, monitor and respond to threats from a single location.


One of the innovative features of iNOC is:


iAVR introduces data visualization, real time collaboration and analytics to the new era of Smart Operation Centers. Virtual reality will empower the iNOC to visually monitor all systems in immersive 360-degree life 3D applications. The VR technology will also reduce time in pin-pointing an area which needs attention and subsequent iAVR maintenance application iTechnician App.