iCity One Network

iCity One Network is an iSharp innovation network modernization program for complete network infrastructure solutions. The program gives a broad range of end to end backbone, passive, active solution, security and smart management solutions. iCity One Network empowers the centralized features for the entire city.


iCity One Network consists of multiple components. The following components formulate the frame work architect of the complete solution program:


iConnect solution is made of a right selection of multiple passive components that form together an end to end infrastructure solution for both ISP and OSP. iConnect is a result of an intensive testing and integration for maximum performance to guarantee Giga Speed infrastructure with non-blocking architect.


The plan is to create an entirely new form of communication. iNet is combined with the Next Generation Network (NGN) with software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), which promise to substitute hosted software for hardware device features. The  modular  structure  of  the heterogeneous innovative iSharp iNet architect will provide the foundation with the simple and cost-effective development of future services, multi broadband, QoS enabled transport technologies and high speed network Backbone.


At the heart of each network lie the workhorses. Every network is different and has to be crafted to the needs and scale of the enterprise. iNet-Access empowers people to do their jobs, to communicate and collaborate, to connect end-user devices, such as desktop and notebook computers, printers and Voice-over-IP handsets to enterprise networks. Generally, the iNet-Access consists of a wiring plant between offices, tenant, commercial, residential and per-floor wiring closets and switches in each wiring closet, as well as the interconnection between the wiring closets and building data centers.


High Performance Computing solution is designed and engineered with world leader vendor to practice aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance especially to systems that function above a teraflop or 1012 floating-point operations per second. ntial and per-floor wiring closets and switches in each wiring closet, as well as the interconnection between the wiring closets and building data centers.


iSecurity enables Global Enterprises to Deploy Adaptive, Intelligent Virtualized Network Security. iSecurity is a Complete Security Fabric, next generation Security processors, an intuitive operating system, and applied threat intelligence that give you proven security, exceptional performance, and simplified management.


A combination of predefined process, tools, monitoring systems with a complete set of audio visual collaboration systems based on the ergonomics science designed and patented by iSharp global team with the industry standard worldwide technology provider.

vr-iconVirtual Reality Advantage

VR based iNOC and iSOC gives immersive data visualization of the physical as well as analytical components of the network Component which remarkably enhances the operation centers performance and response time. iSharp IDC will create augmented reality maintenance tutorials for service technicians seen through a pair of AR gadgets.